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About Us

The National Bank of Iraq was established in 1995 as a public shareholding company within the private sector to provide an integrated set of banking services to companies and individuals in Iraq.

In 2005, Capital Bank (Jordan) purchased the majority of the National Bank of Iraq’s shareholding (61.85%), which empowered the National Bank of Iraq with developing its products and services, strengthening its global foothold and enhancing its financial inclusion nationwide.

Thanks to its wide network of correspondent banks, Capital Bank represents the National Bank of Iraq's gateway to global economies, where it facilitates the sending and receiving of internal and external transfers, grants credit facilities, and provides trade financing services.

And in pursuit of better servicing our client base across the region, and more importantly, in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, we’ve established our operations in Saudi Arabia. This effort facilitates trade between the two countries in response to the export growth and allows the Bank to expand its scope of services provided in the corporate sector across Jordan, Iraq, UAE, and now Saudi Arabia by providing them with commercial solutions and banking services that help them go further and faster.

In addition, NBI can trade on behalf of clients in Jordan and international markets through Capital Investments, Capital Bank’s main investment arm, as well as offer trading services in Iraq Stock Exchange Market through its wholly owned subsidiary, Iraqi Money Brokerage Company.

NBI also owns %51 of Al-Ahly Iraqi Finance Company’s capital, which was established in 2022 to serve the bank’s customers and various segments of citizens by providing integrated financing solutions that match the customers various needs.

The bank also provides custodial services to investors in the Iraq Stock Exchange, such as opening a securities account for each investor, notifying him of all procedures and decisions taken by stock companies as well as providing him with a detailed monthly account statement, in addition to registering, freezing or transferring securities and any other tasks consistent with provisions and instructions of the law.

The bank operates through an advanced banking system to support its growth and serve its customers. Capital Bank and all its subsidiaries collaborate with Ernst & Young to audit all their accounts and prepare their financial reports in accordance with international accounting standards.

The National Bank of Iraq has been ranked by the largest international financial institutions such as Capital Intelligence (BB), Moody’s (B3) and ranked by the Central Bank of Iraq as (Excellent).

The bank is currently working on opening 8 new branches across Iraqi governorates in 2024.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be one of the leading banks in the region placing our customers and people at the heart of our journey and enabling them to make informed life decisions

Our Mission

To simplify daily banking and support economic prosperity through digitization, innovation and personalized customer experience

Our Values

We will always protect our customers' best interests.

We dedicate our work and operations to serving the community and the economy of Iraq.

We work effectively with a high sense of citizenship to empower and stimulate Iraq's growth and advancement.

Service Excellence
We thrive on providing unique services with the highest service standards to satisfy our customers.

Customer Centricity
Our customers are our priority, and we dedicate everything we do to meeting their needs.

Human Resources Development
We invest in our employees and provide them with opportunities to develop and enhance their skills.

We encourage teamwork.

We keep our communications clear and transparent to earn our customers', shareholders', and employees' trust and give them a peace of mind.

Bassem Khalil Al-Salem

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ayman Emran Abdullah Abu-Duhaim

Member of BoD / Authorized Director

Khaleel Ibraheem Abdulkareem Al-Mashahdi

Member of BoD

Ali Mostafa Hasan

Member of BoD

Nabeel Sameer Makahleh

Member of BoD

Dr. Nagham Hussein Ne’meh Obied Al-Maiah

Member of BoD

Ayman Emran Abdullah Abu-Duhaim


Aws Ghazi Hussein Thawabet Al-Shammari

Deputy CEO

Khalid Atif Abu Jouid

Chief Consumer Officer

Maher Ezzat Khadr Awali

Chief Financial Officer

Aqeel Abdulrahman Ezz Eldeen

Chief Operating Officer

Aws Fawzi Mohammed Mahdi

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