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Bank Facilities

NBI offers our corporate customers commercial loans at competitive rates, with flexible borrowing terms and predictable monthly payments that are guaranteed for the duration of the loan.Offered commercial facilities include: overdraft, project financing, and loans.

Bank Facilities

Key Benefits

Financing agreement for Exporting and Importing with the Saudi EXIM Bank

Project Financing

Commercial Loans

Product's benefits includes:

Financing agreement for Exporting and Importing with the Saudi EXIM Bank

Credit facilities that start at USD 100,000 for Iraqi investors who wish to import products and services from Saudi companies granted at a competitive interest rate and flexible repayment periods of up to 3 years

Project financing

The National Bank of Iraq provides financing services for investment projects at competitive interest rates and under easy terms.

Commercial loans

The National Bank of Iraq offers a wide range of commercial loans - short and medium-term - that meet the needs of all borrowers, each according to its field of work. The loan can be repaid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually and within agreed-upon terms.

Product benefits include:

  • Loan value is appropriate to the company's needs and size
  • Convenient monthly installments that suit the company's size and cash flow
  • Interest rates are calculated on the outstanding balance
  • Flexible repayment periods
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