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Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit

Key Benefits

Direct access to deposited funds

Ability to obtain a Visa Electron card

Ability to obtain credit facilities

Sending and receiving remittances

Extra Benefits

The certificates of deposit product is considered one of the most distinctive in the banking sector because it is characterized by clarity and convenience. A certificate of deposit is a security issued at a nominal value in exchange for customer deposits and is issued in different values and terms (short and medium terms) and is not recoverable.Our bank provides a certificate of deposit with the following characteristics:

Issuance Domination IQD 1,000,000 (one million Iraqi dinars)
Maturity Date One year after the date of issuance
Customers allowed existing clients or new potential clients
The interest rate on certificate of deposit 7.5% Annually
Partial liquidation of the certificate of deposit not possible
Borrowing against the CD Available at an interest rate of 3%
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