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We provide you with safe, fast, and convenient banking services on the go

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NBI Contact center

The call center

The National Bank of Iraq's call center is available to assist you with all your banking needs.

24/7 working hours

Phone number
07807777444 – 07717777444

Offered services:

Activate and deactivate debit cards

Inquire about applications

Report lost or stolen cards (debit or credit)

General inquiries include:
Inquire about balance, fees, commissions, accounts closing, and credit cards
Inquire about loans, deposits, messages, other banking products and services, and SME loans
Dealing with complaints such as receiving clients' complaints and dealing with them ASAP
Marketing and promoting the different banking products and services

ATM Machines


Customers can access and manage the following services through our network of ATMs across Iraq:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Transfer funds internally between accounts
  • Request tatement/mini-statement
  • Change PIN Number

Online Banking 'NBI Online'

We offer you fast, secure, and convenient banking services on the go

You can access your accounts at any time and from anywhere

  • Viewing your balances
  • Reviewing account activity
  • Loan and deposit inquiry
  • View exchange and interest rates
  • Secure exchange of messages
  • Subscribing to online banking


You will receive instant notifications on your mobile with Capital Bank’s SMS banking service:

  • Withdrawal of funds: Debit transaction, POS purchase, cash withdrawal, bill payment, Visa payment, standing orders
  • Deposits: Salary, cash, ATM reversal, POS reversal
  • Fixed deposits and certificates of deposit: Interest payment, maturity
  • Loans: Instalments, due payments
  • Remittances: Outward, inward (including foreign remittances)
  • Cheque transactions: Deposit, withdrawal, returned, foreign, account overdrawn by cheque
  • Letters of credit (LC): Issuance, expiry, maturity, export LC received
  • Letters of guarantee (LG): Issuance, amendments, expiry
  • Bill collection: Outward collection settlement, inward collection received

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