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Deposit Account

Deposit Account

Key Benefits

Eligiblity to link term deposits to joint accounts

Fixed and competitive return on your savings throughout the deposit period

You can request to link multiple deposits to different amounts as there is no maximum number or value of deposits

Flexible options for paying the return on a monthly basis or until the end of the period, according to the customer's request

Extra Benefits

With the National Bank of Iraq, your deposits are guaranteed by the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company of the Central Bank of Iraq. The bank offers fixed deposit accounts that enable you to have flexible and diversified options to meet your needs by achieving competitive interest rates on your savings with ease and safety.

  • Eligibilty of obtaining a credit card
  • Eligibilty of automatically renewing the deposit of the original amount or the principal amount with interest based on the client’s desire
  • You can follow up on your deposit accounts through the banking application
  • You can redeem your deposit value at any time

*Terms and conditions apply

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