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Tawteen Account - Private Sector

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Salary Transfer - Private Sector

Key Benefits

Dedicated to the clients of the private sector

Receiving their salary through the National Bank of Iraq

Extra Benefits

It is a Current - Salaries bank account dedicated to public sector employees to receive their salaries through the National Bank of Iraq. Our bank presents the Tawteen program for this segment with competitive offers.

Service Commission Value ( Iraqi Dinar)
Visa Electron debit card issuance Valid for 5 years “First-time issuance” Per the offer
Secondary debit card issuance Per the offer/monthly
Salary Transfer Per the offer/One time only
Account opening Free
Visa Electron monthly operational fees Free
Cash withdrawal from NBI ATMs Free
SMS Service Free
NBI app banking services Free
Internet banking services+ Local and global acceptance
Visa Electron debit and credit card Same day once received from the
Salary receipt date company

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