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Doctors Program

Doctors Program

Key Benefits

Preferential interest rate on deposits for both IQD and USD.

Pre-approved Credit card.

Eligibility to apply for loans. (Home Loan: up to IQD 100M) (SMEs Loan: up to IQD 1B).

Credit facilities in exchange for 100% cash insurance

Extra Benefits

Doctors Program is a first-of-its-kind program in the Iraqi market, developed to meet the needs of doctors by providing them with a set of unique benefits and value added services for themselves and their business.

Doctors are eligible to apply for CBI loans initiative with the following loan amounts:

  • Cashback of 3% and a maximum of $50 on e-commerce transactions per month.
  • Access to investment services in financial markets (stocks and bonds).
  • Up to 5 international/local transfers without any commission fees, provided that the total amount of remittances does not exceed 50K or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • The doctor can request a cheque book (5/10 papers) without commission for one time.
  • Visa Debit Card (Platinum) free of issuance fees with a daily withdrawal up to a maximum of 5 million dinars per day.
  • Visa Credit Card (Platinum) free of issuance fees (starting from 3K USD up to 9,999 USD).
  • Visa Credit Card (infinite) free of issuance fees (starting from 10K USD).
  • Access to airport VIP lounges.
  • Dedicated professional RMs to provide the doctors with all needed financial advices and services.

Terms and conditions for account opening:

  • The doctor should have an association ID.
  • A personal photo.
  • A copy of the doctor’s Iraqi ID, and the Iraqi Nationality Certificate or the Unified National Card.
  • A copy of the residence card.
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